Connecting to a Mobile WiFi hotspot

Currently, I’m in a halfway house with no internet and might get sent off to prison :joy:

That aside, my phone can connect to a WiFi hotspot provided by my at home internet provider…and there is one 50 feet too far from me.

I tried a range extender and it found it, but wanted to connect with a standard WiFi “password only.”

These hotspots require my internet providers “username/login” and “password.” Two sets of credentials.

Can I do this with openwrt? I have a WRT3200ACM at home I’m considering having mailed to me to achieve such a feat.

Wondering also if I might need a IMEI/sim dongle as I think it might be tied to my phone. This model has usb ports and I read this might be possible for 4G/5G LTE.

Not sure, but maybe you can do something with the Travelmate package installed on your WRT3200AC?

That might work. Couldn’t really tell. I might give it a shot, thanks

It sounds like Enterprise authentication. This is supported by OpenWrt though you will need to replace the standard wpad-basic software package with the full version. If you're not moving from place to place Travelmate is not that important; you can directly configure.

Some ISP require a phone app to connect, and the user and password credentials are secret from the customer and only stored inside the app. That system cannot be run on OpenWrt. If you do have a known username and password and entered them into the wifi settings of the phone, that could also run on OpenWrt.

I prefer a CPE for distance situations. A desktop router does have better wifi range than a phone but not a huge difference.