Connecting server to t'intertubes

Greetings, Oh Knowledgeable Ones. My quest is the knowledge to enable a test installation of z-Tree[1] for evaluation and experimentation. 'Er Indoors is an academic and demands these things. This is not a 'production' installation so I am proposing to set things up using my home broadband via my OpenWrt Home Hub 5a and the associated ADSL2+. I understand the risks associated. I have researched the steps I need to take to secure the Debian server[2] I'm going to use. I want to create a VLAN between the server and my HH5a internal switch and make the server 'visible' from the web. I have done my due diligence, but only come up with vague instructions.

                                               Thanks in advance.

[1] z-Tree - software for conducting experimental economics research. Installation instructions indicate it will install NginX. The instructions are here: ... on-server/
[2] Lower power, using an Intel D525MW motherboard, 2 GB ram and 360 GB disk.

..... and the question is ...... ?

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I'm in search of instructions to create a VLAN between my server and my router and to make the software running on the server useable from the internet.

you don't need VLANs to do all what you want, unless it's required by the software you're using ?

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Use a "guest network" you don't actually need the wifi part but the VLAN is basically the same