Connecting serial cable to MikroTik hex S

I am trying to connect a serial cable (USB to TTL) to MikroTik hex S using the UART connectors on the back of the board, as shown in the image below. However, I am getting nothing on minicom. I tried all possible baud rates, but still no luck. Are these connectors enabled? If not, how can I get to a serial console so as to debug the boot errors?

You are connecting data pins crossed right? I mean RX-TX, TX-RX. Not like RX-RX and TX-TX.

I tried them crossed and non-crossed, but I had no luck.

Did you check traces? I've read about devices where contact points for serial were available but not fully soldered e.g., or where the OEM seems to have muted the console (which MikroTik has done with the RB5009UG I believe).