Connecting router in wired repeater mode to openwrt main router

Hello there. I have:

  1. main xiaomi router with openwrt (disabled wifi) with pppoe connection (
  2. secondary xiaomi router ax6000, without openwrt in wired repeater mode (enabled wifi)

I want to connect secondary router to main router in the same subnet to share wifi. Devices that going to be connected to secondary router must be in subnet and be able to connect to each other, for example I need to connect from my PC to raspberry pi with ssh (all connected to wifi).
What should I do?

What you want is a dumb AP configuration on your secondary router. You should be able to use the prinicples of this guide to make your non-OpenWrt device into a simple dumb AP.

(fundamentally, disable DHCP, set the IP address to a non-conflicting address in the same subnet)

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It's all on the configuration of the secondary router...

So, the other question then, I had PC and raspberry (all connected to secondary router with wifi), and I couldn't connect with ssh to raspberry (even ping from pc didn't work). But with old config with different subnets I could connect PC to raspberry with ssh with no problem. What I've done wrong?

Your devices appear to be on the same subnet, so they should be able to connect to each other. Do they each have proper connectivity to the internet?

FWIW, this is not related to OpenWrt at this point.

Yes, they do. But ok, probably it is necessary to remain on an old config cuz I don't know what's wrong. Thanks everyone for the replies