Connecting pi once again to openwrt, something is off

Hi all,

After a glitch, I had to re-set up my home network and it feels like something is off. I now run the latest snapshot of OpenWRT on my GL.iNet Flint 2 and have pi-hole on a raspberry pi plugged into it, on the lan. In addition, I have a guest network and an iot network. Both pretty much the same, but just to keep guests separate from iot devices. Pi should handle DNS and the router DHCP.

What feels wrong is that the router is making a lot of PTR requests a bit all the time, and sometimes requests from the router shoot off and the router goes beyond the 2000 limit.

I feel like I may not have set up my pi as dns properly this time around, but cannot seem to find a definite guide to doing it. For instance, in network > interfaces, should I put the pi's address both in "advanced settings > Use custom DNS servers" AND in "DHCP servers > advanced settings > DHCP options" (as "6,[IP])? Also, in the wan interface > advanced settings, should I uncheck "Use DNS servers advertised by peer"?


PS: I also posted on the pi-hole discourse, but I felt this might be more of an openwrt question. Already checked other similar questions on pi-hole set up, but could not find a conclusive answer :frowning:

What requests is the router making? Which domains?

Thanks for following up @eduperez.

Actually, both pi-hole itself and the router make constant requests. For instance:


Anyone has an idea? Just this morning, the router blurts out over 2,000 requests upon wake-up and, of course, gets immediately rate-limited...