Connecting OpenWRT device to Wireless Wifi instead of LAN

Hi all,

I have a Ubiquiti UAP-AC Pro flashed with openwrt v21.02.2, and currently have it hooked up to my router via a LAN cable. This connection of course allows me to access the internet and ssh into the device locally. However, if I want to put this AP outside and can't connect to it via a LAN cable, is it possible to have it wirelessly connect to the network in my house automatically on reboot? If it can connect to a wireless network, I plan to use a vpn tunnel to ssh into the device. I have read this tutorial here, and it was working (without LAN cable connection just power )however, when I rebooted, it disconnected and did not reconnect. Is there a way to configure the device to connect to a specific network always even during boot?

Thanks for the help!