Connecting 2 networks using OpenWrt and OpenVPN

i have 2 networks that i have connected to eachother using a mikrotik router acting as an ovpn in a datacenter
something like this

now i can ssh from to which is openwrt and then ssh from openwrt to network nodes
but what im trying to achieve is to ssh from to
i tried ip route from my main linux machine (PC1) but that didnt work
i even tried to do this from
ip route via
but that didnt work
i tried it the other way around using this command on openwrt router

ip route add via
note that is the ip of the raspberry pi connected to the vpn
then tried pinging it from which also failed
is there anyway i can make this work using currently available equipment?

Route into a Open-VPN-Client Subnet - #2 by vgaetera

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All of your networks at all of your sites should have different IPv4 subnet ranges. If you have overlapping networks it can make routing ambiguous, and in any case it is confusing.

The machine that is an end of the VPN tunnel (i.e. it is running OpenVPN for the site) needs to have a route to and from the LAN machine that is to be contacted. If it goes through a router the firewall needs to be open.