Connecting 2 LTE routers over cellular network

Hi , I want to connect to 4G routers over the cellular network, so client A connect to Router A which has 4G SIM card which is connected over cellular network to another 4G SIM card installed on Router B and client B connected to it.
I am using Openwrt, how can I accomplish this ? What is the required router configuration and packages assuming that the Telecom company configured the 2 SIMs card and assigned IP addresses to them correctly and they are connected ( Ping from SIM A to SIM B succeeded) but no data transfer between Site A and Site B.

Do the two routers (or at least one of them) have public ips
You can use wireguard to connect the two.

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No they were assigned private IP addresses.

In that case, you would need a 3rd node with a public IP -- your two routers would each connect to the 3rd node and that would be responsible for connecting the two routers.

Alternatively, you could take a look at zerotier (I don't have any experience here, so I can't guide you through setup).