Connect Xiaomi Redmi ac2100


I have flashed openwrt on this router, but I am not able to setup wan interface, it does not work.

Using the same user and password for my internet provider (O2) works in zte zxhn h367a, but in this router I don't know where to put the information about the mtu (1492) and vlan (6); it offers me the fields "access concentrator" and "service name"; no matter if I fill them with 1492 and optionally the vpn, or leave them empty, the connection does not work...


Network > Interfaces > Devices

Hey, thanks ! Unfortunately, after setting the MTU to 1492, the same error happens "Unknown error (USER_REQUEST)"... How can I fix that ? (Also, I've noticed that setting this mtu value makes the logs show that the value should be equal or greater than 1500, or it could cause serious problems (in my original router, it was set to that value)...