Connect two wifi to specific eth ports

i'm new to openwrt and i'm still learning.
I have a TPLink Archer C2 with dual band wifi. I would like to connect to two different wifi and bind these to specific ports.
For example WIFI "ABC" goes to port 1 and "DEF" to port 2. Is it possible?

What do you mean by port?

Physical, on switch, or on interface?

I mean the physical LAN ethernet port behind the router

Apply VLANs?

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I'm still learning how it works. I have successfully connect the router to the two wifis. Now i need to assign them. Can you tell me the procedure to bind the wifi to the vlan and then to the phisical lan ports? thank you

Don't have access to any openwrt device any time soon, I'm on vacation, but it's in the switch section.