Connect to miniDLNA via WireGuard

Hello Everybody,

I succesfully configured WireGuard server on my OpenWrt router, I can reach internet with the server public address from my iPhone, and reach every service on the router (i.e. FTP). Anyway, when I'm connected to the VPN, I try to reach my miniDLNA server trough VLC, but I can't discover the server automatically (When I'm connected to WiFi, it instantly appears) so I can't use it (sometimes it appears, maybe when I was connected to WiFi, and later I connect to the VPN and still see the server, in this particular case, I can reach the files and stream them to my phone).

Why is this happening? Also, I can't see other computers or devices on the local network, just the router and the client.

Things I've done:

  • In miniDLNA settings, i've set to serve the vpn interface.
  • I've bridged the vpn interface into br-lan

I'm kinda noob in this, so can anyone guide me to solve the issue please?

Thanks in advance!

Try to access the server by its IP address.
The discovery function likely relies on multicast traffic which is problematic to traverse subnets.

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Yes, I can see the welcome page in, so I know I can reach it but VLC can't because multicast.

I assigned the vpn server address and the client in the same subnet that br-lan (vpn server is and vpn client is .51, the rest of the network starts in .100 and above as DHCP is configured)

Why can't I see other devices on the network? And why multicast packages doesn't reach my client if it's theorically the same subnet? Is it possible to configure something to solve this?



Thanks for the links... As I said, I don't know where to start, can you help me with a step by step at least? I'm still a noob in this..


Alternatively to the cross subnet multicast solution you could do a L2 VPN (e.g. Openvpn) while you then might have throughput issues due to higher CPU requirements of Openvpn.

Yes, i've tried OpenVPN but speeds are unusable, instead of WireGuard...

Somebody with the patience to help me? I've seen tons of threads of people like me and got things sorted out... thanks! :slight_smile:

The beginning is a good place

The links posted by @vgaetera contain good information

Practice is a good way to learn. Be prepared to get things wrong and to have to undo your mistakes. In extremis, be prepared to have to reset your OpenWRT installation to defaults and start again.

You want to do this:

  • Receive multicast traffic over a layer 3 VPN

Your problem is this:

  • Multicast traffic does not cross layer 3 subnets

Your solution might be this (or it might be something else, but this is the way I'd investigate it):

  • Work out how to implement a pair of listeners/transmitters which listen for and repeat multicast traffic over unicast encapsulation