Connect switch port to tor

I could not find a easy solution for this request.

I need to route all the traffic on the port LAN3 of my router trough tor. So far I found only guides that route http and https


Is LAN3 a separate network or it's part of the LAN and you want to route via tor any device that is connected to that physical port?

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LAN3 will be used only for the tor network
I am planning to create a vlan later and use it for tor but for now to avoid the complexity I will connect LAN3 untagged to the tor network ... if I can figure out how .....

As @trendy suggested, I would first create a separate network, then think about how to route it through TOR. On the other hand you cannot just route all traffic through TOR: you can use a transparent proxy for HTTP / HTTPS, but most other protocols will need a specific configuration on the client.

I created separate network with it's own dhcp space.

the final goal is to have a network than can only exit to internet via tor to avoid any configuration accidents

Provided that the new network is called tor you can follow the wiki guide verbatim.

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