Connect router to hotspot

Hi dear forum members,

Excuse me, but I'm very new to openwrt.
I read that it can connect to another wireless access point and share that internet.

So that's basically what I'm trying to do.
At a vacation resort we own a small cabin where we can connect to a hotspot. It is an open network where we login at a webpage with e code we get from the park. But only 6 devices can connect with the code.

What I'm trying to achieve is a better home network and that we can connect with more than 6 devices to the internet through that hotspot.
Is this possible?

I'm using a Linksys EA6350 v3.

I hope you guys/girls can help me.

Thanks in advance.

While you can connect to an existing WiFi or if the box, installing TravelMate package has certain advantages, particularly making your router accessible via WiFi when the cabin WiFi is down. This is helpful, as it allows you to troubleshoot from a mobile device. There are many posts talking about TravelMate.

Now as for the thing with the password and the limit, I imagine that depends on how and where you enter the password, and if you can put it. If it's a WiFi password then it should work. If, on the other hand it's a password entered in a Web page then that's a bit more complicated.

I'm looking into travelmate.
And yes, you get redirected to a webpage and you login with a code.
But i think it as long as you stay connected to that hotspot with that code (through page) it does not disconnect the device.

So i thought maybe it saves your mac-address on the hotspot side and let's you connect easily. You have to either not been connected to lose connection and re-enter the password on webpage. Or manually disconnect through that same webpage, ie. to let someone else connect.

I tried installing travelmate package. But i don't see anything changing in the interface of luci.
I don't have internet access with the router. So i have to download stuff with my laptop and then install package locally.

Typically for packages that have GUI, there is a separate package for LuCI. That package is called luci-app-travelmate, so you have to also install that. (The same meaning convention applies to other packages with GUI by the way).

Well, it could be more than the MAC address, but let's hope it's simple enough for the router in the middle to do the trick.

I made my phone a hotspot and connected the router to that. Then i could download/install travelmate directly from the software page. This made it work properly and i could set it up supper easy! It is working fine now.

The only thing it didn't do is redirect to the login page directly, so i had to type that in.
Is there a way that it does that automatically if it doesn't have internet? And maybe login as well? It is just simply one passcode.
Once you've logged in with the code you stay connected for a year.

I could be wrong, but I think trying to do the redirect at the router side would be overkill.

Yeah, you're probably right xD