Connect router after system mesh possible?

hello everybody my mate is swisscom isp but he has big home

if connect system mesh like tp link deco e4 and then connect router openwrt for the bufferbloat

the schema is possible ? thanks

shema 1stage box fai --> first mesh
2stage 2mesh --openwrt router --> ps4 etc

the second stage is very poor actually in wifi 0.5 upload again 40 in 1st stage wired

i need found a solution thanks for advance

Perhaps you should post your inquiry in your native language.

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but is the forum english i will make the two because my english is so poor same with translate google

in french my question is

j'ai un ami qui une maison avec plusieurs Ă©tages ,

sa box principale est au 1er etage, je compte lui installer un systeme de wifi mesh type tp link e4 pour moins de 100 euros,

car il a une ps4 connecter au 3eme etage mais il recoit très mal le wifi, pensez vous que cela est la bonne solution

si je mets un systeme mesh au 3eme etage (ps je n'ai jamais installé ) + un routeur avec un controle e bande passante sqm

merci d'avance pour vos reponse

il joue au jeu et c'est carrément injouable pour lui malheuresement

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  • Is it possible to use 5 GHz to interconnect the two devices?
  • In any case, I suggest wired Ethernet for backhaul to a gaming system

I have a friend who has a house with several floors,

his main box is on the 1st floor, I plan to install a tp link e4-type wifi system for him for less than 100 euros,

because he has a ps4 connected to the 3rd floor but he receives very poor wifi, do you think this is the right solution

if I put a mesh system on the 3rd floor (ps I never installed) + a router with sqm bandwidth control

thank you in advance for your answers

he plays the game and it's downright unplayable for him unfortunately

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yes normally is possible the system is tp link e4 like this

i think use modem router isp --> router openWRT with sqm --> tp link mesh then ps4


I guess this is proprietary to TP-LINK?

I know nothing about it.


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When the speeds from the source are slow and inconsistent, SQM can't help much.

Consider ways to bypass the mesh network and obtain Internet for your router more directly from the ISP:

  • Install Ethernet cable.
  • Powerline bridge.
  • Re-locate modem (extend DSL, cable, or fiber line).
  • Dedicated point to point one-hop wifi link.
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no the speed is 170 and 40 mbp so dont slow

i think a solution a regular is good :wink: i don't know backhaul wifi i'm look now

je pense que la solution de @lleachii est juste (in french )

is impossible to ethernet to system of game of backhaul because only possibility to wifi
i came see to thhis forum like that is possible

he use a wifi google mesh at this exemple

WiFi throughput is highly volatile and bursty at times, SQM can't deal with this properly - unless you scale down the throughput limits below the worst-possible values (which, considering basic rates and ramp up times isn't reasonable). You won't be able to achieve good results under these circumstances.

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ok yes I think I lower his connection a lot but when he plays he happens to have an upload of 0.35bits and download of 12mbits
he teleports in the game jerks it's unplayable

remember you in wired vdsl2 gfast like united kingdom he has 170 and 45 DL and up is very strong

What speed do you get on a laptop connected directly to the mesh in the same room you have your OpenWrt router?

i don't have buy the mesh for the moment i buy tomorow, why ?

That's the speed that OpenWrt has to start with.

The speed you're paying for at the modem doesn't matter if the mesh can't transport it to the room where you actually need wifi.

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when I connect in cable on the openwrt router I get 170 and 40 but in wifi much less

suddenly that would be a problem? but the wifi of the first router dde tp link is very efficient if I place it just after openwrt and its qos then I put the second about 15 m below via a socket that should surely be good I think not?

i have all try not possible it's soo late now :frowning: