Connect OpenWrt router to another one wireless

Hi, how to connect archer c7 with openwrt to archer ax90(stock), without cable?
I want all devices to be on one network.
I tried mesh, but i don't know what's mesh id.
I also tried to follow this article
It joins wifi network, but nothing works, i cant even ping one router from another.

I also tried to simply join the network as client, not wds, i clicked scan and choosed my network. It joined the network and got ip address but still, even pings don't work.

If WDS is not working, then relayd might help.

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Actually i did factory reset, didn't touch anything, just clicked scan button and connected to my network
then i changed mode to client wds. And it worked, i had no internet on my computer but on the router i had everything, internet and even dns

So i don't know if its wds incompatibility or i'm doing something wrong

But once i assigned wlan interface to lan, disabled dhcp for lan and set static address, everything stopped working again

So at first radio is in client wds mode, assigned to wwan and only router can connect to internet
then i do these changes in gui and it stops working

uci del dhcp.lan.ra_slaac
uci set dhcp.lan.ignore='1'
# /etc/config/network
uci set network.lan.ipaddr=''
uci set network.lan.gateway=''
# /etc/config/wireless
uci set'lan'

WDS/ 4addr only works if all involved APs are running OpenWrt (but it's by far the most reliable option).

Is the access point part of the wifi also in wds mode?

Access point has stock tplinks firmware and i didn't see any option for WDS there

Anyway, i made made it work with relayd, i saw this way before but was afraid the configuration will be too hard but actually it took 5 minutes :slight_smile:
I just hope it doesn't affect performance a lot but i don't need a lot, just 100mbps at most.

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