Connect litebeam 5ac gen2 with openWrt to TL-WA7510N bridge mode

Greetings friends please someone who can help me connect my litebeam 5ac gen2 with openWrt to the Ap TL-WA7510N bridge mode but I have no idea how to do so that through this connection I get the ip of the mikrotik rb-750, and the litebeam I connect perfect and the wan port assigns the IP of the RB, but I don't know what to do to make it forward the IP of the RBa to the network.
If someone can help me please ???

Nuevo 4

I'm guessing that "bridge" in the stock firmware means AP(WDS). So try Client(WDS) on the other end.

The WDS client should be bridged into LAN-- there's no WAN network. All machines on both sides of the bridge should have the same subnet. DHCP will work through the bridge to obtain addresses from the main router RB-750.

Greetings thanks for answering well I already tried the Client (WDS) but the TL-WA7510N for some reason hangs, stops responding and does not have the Client (WDS) activated any other solution?

OK I looked up the WA-5210g and it's not going to work here since it's ath5k and from before the IEEE standardized WDS.

Several other reasons why you need to replace that absolute dinosaur CPE, but the biggest thing is that it's 2.4 GHz, and the Litebeam 5 AC is 5 GHz. There is a low-powered 2.4 radio in the Litebeam but it is intended only for local administration connections. It has a small antenna that is not at the focal point of the dish and will not connect over any appreciable distance.

So you need a modern 5 GHz radio for the other end of the link. For situations where dishes are not needed at both ends I'd suggest a Nanobeam AC loco.

sorry I made a mistake in the publication actually the ap is: TL-WA7510N and it works at 5.8gz

The WA-7510N is also rather obsolete but it can run OpenWrt 18.06, which might be necessary in order to get standard open-source WDS instead of Atheros proprietary.

Excuse me but the problem is the following I had a TL-WA7510N on the other end and it was damaged, I bought the litebeam 5ac gen2 which led me to install openwrt to be able to use it without airmax, also no use in the TL-WA7510N wds client, I connect it to bridge mode and I cannot install openwrt on the AP TL-WA7510N

There is no other way to connect without wds?

The stock firmware uses the Atheros driver which though it has "WDS" it seems it may be incompatible with the open source Linux ath9k or ath10k driver's WDS.

Other way to connect would be 802.11s mesh, which would require OpenWrt on both ends. The memory required will probably not allow the WA7510 to run an encrypted mesh.

Setting up a pair of Ubiquiti AC devices will substantially outperform the old WA7510 link and also you could set it up under either AirOS or OpenWrt.