Confused, need a new router

Hello everyone,
I need a new router to run SQM on because of bufferbloat.
Currently I have a VDSL2 modem/router that I will use as a bridge for the new router.
after searching for quite a bit for which router to pick I'm still not sure.
My budget is 50$~, my download/upload is 100/10 accordingly. 2nd hand from ebay is a problem because high shipping costs to my country.
So far I saw one good option which is WR330/WR1200JS from aliexpress for 30$.
Xiaomi 4a gigabit edition looks like a good option as well but seems too complicated for me to flash.

Other notes:
both tp link archer c7 and LinkSys EA6350 are 95$ in my country.

Leading towards WR1200JS,not sure on the WiFi performance, thoughts ?
Thank you.