Confused about update warning

About a discussion at [1] we discussed about openwrt and its usage. So as i didnt know much already about it i installed it on a Beaglebone Black and played with it. OpenWrt 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e. I think it is the current stable release.

then i updated the opkg package list and got some updates. I wondered why there is "update all" button and i found this [2].

"Normally" it is a good security advice to update your network attached systems fast, but here you get discouraged from doing that. We all know, current software holds the security holes for tomorrows exploits. I searched around this forum and got big fat warnings from updates of core packages...

Please, could you give an advice, how to handle updates? Don`t do them?


It says in the warning you've linked to:

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And how to update systems that are not in the sysupgrade group? Is this the solution? Attended Sysupgrade?

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what does this mean, devices that aren't sysupgradable, or ?

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In the hardware/target section of the wiki there are not at all devices a sysupgrade "tag"....

Or maybe this is the initial flash installation?

EDIT: Yes, i mixed that. Sorry .... my bad

I assumed you meant the packages you added after the initial installation, so yes Attended Sysupgrade is your best friend here (or auc, if like me, you prefer the command line).

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