Confused about Orange Pi R1 (Allwinner H2+/H3)

I'm a bit confused about the support for this SBC.

ToH says it's an Allwinner H2+ CPU, manufacturer says it's an Allwinner H3 and that's how it seems in every single new-ish photo I've seen.

I dug around in datasheets for CPUs and it seems like only difference is in video engine, which in case of H2+ supports 1080p@60fps H.265 decoding and in case of H3 - 4K@30fps.

Soo, it's just a case of minor change mid production?

Will image for H2+ work for H3?

Edit: stumbled upon the exact explanation I was looking for.

"H2+ is a variant of H3, targeted at low-end OTT boxes, which lacks Gigabit MAC and 4K HDMI output support.

H3 images are proven to run on H2+.

According to the source code of BSP, variants differ by the last byte of the first word of SID. 0x42 and 0x83 indicates H2+, 0x00 and 0x81 indicates H3"