Confused about EA8100 v2

Hello everybody,

I have been searching quite a bit for information on v2 of the EA8100, specifically the differences from v1, to no avail.
V1 is fully supported in 21, but not v2.
Afaik, Ralink was never as good as B-com, but many decent routers use their SoCs and the 7621 seems to get good reviews.
Long story short, is the EA8100 v2 one to stay away from?
If not, what makes it so much more different than v1 so that it’s only supported by a snapshot and not the main release?
Thank you for any pointers.

seems to be quite similar ....
but don't assume the v1 can be used in the v2.

Thanks, frollic.

I found a page that compares v1, v2 and (I think) ea7300 but no differences were highlighted between v1 and v2.
Since a snapshot seems to work on v2, that gives me hope.
If I get one, I am willing to test openwrt to hopefully make it work on v2, if I could get some help. They seem affordable and well rated, that is why I was looking at them. Only v2 is still on the market from what I can see.