Confirming vpn/wireguard + vpn-policy-routing works?

Im using mullvad as VPN provider.
I know i can go to whatever whatismyip site, or mullvads own check, they all show that im using the vpn/wireguard.
I guess im a paranoid person and like being in control.

Im looking at Realtime Graphs in openwrt, and connections section.

This is most likely because of lack of understanding then anything else but.

Ontop of the list, which has alot more traffic transfered is the IP assigned to me by my ISP connected to mullvads servers, all is fine and dandy.
Then Im seeing loads of "my-lan-ip" -> whatever IP connections. In my simple brain with my limited knowledge, there should not be anything other then "my ISPs IP connected to mullvads servers" ?

Thanks from a paranoid person :slight_smile:

Just because packets travel through a VPN doesn't mean your router won't be aware of where they came from (in this case one of your local devices) and where they're going. If it didn't then it wouldn't be able to route the packets. What you're seeing is fine.

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Thank you for that