Confirm deletions

First of all LuCI is amazing software. Thank-you so much. My concern is how easy it is to accidentally delete wireless networks and interfaces, and device configurations (I think?) under certain circumstances.

I think these delete options should have a 2nd step confirmation added. Sorry but if the screen resolution is zoomed out and the web browser glitches while redrawing everything (more of an issue on older slower computers) and you are rushing around trying to get everything configured it's easy to accidentally delete.

Also "reboot router" should not have a 2nd step IMHO but I can live with that as it is non-destructive.

Again thank-you so much for such amazing free software!

If you reset, you get the default config back ?

And you are supposed to have a backup of your configs.

The reboot is kind of dual push. You first need to go to the system flash page to find the reboot.


So on the same zoomed out browser - one could accidentally hit the menu option "Reboot [Router]" - and then :poop: ?

I thought the addition of the "Unsaved Changes" code' etc. solved this issue.

Are you hitting the "Save and Apply" button instead of "Save"?

Additionally, when I hit the "Remove" button on my Wireless page, the change is added to "Unsaved Changes". Is that not a second step - to approve the unsaved change?

What circumstances specifically?

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My first post could be summarized as follows:

Traditionally most applications require a user to confirm a deletion. The wireless section of LuCI allows you to delete a network without out a confirmation. I am just offering a friendly suggestion for the suggestion box. :smiley:

There was one other thing - and I will probably get grilled for this - but when I enable or disable a wireless network from the wireless LuCI webpage, LuCI refreshes and during that time becomes unusable. It would be nice if that could be changed - but I understand it may be a limitation of the different types of hardware (plus LuCI is volunteer created, maintained and determined).

I just like being able to toggle my networks without having to wait up to 10 seconds before LuCI becomes usable again. I find this comes in handy when mesh testing as each node has multiple networks.

Again I appreciate what amazing software LuCI is and just think this would make it even better. :rainbow:

But I noted that's not true. Can you show what you're experiencing with screenshots?

What version of OpenWrt are you using?

You're not describing default behavior.

Yea, you're experiencing some issue. Or you're editing the same radio to you're connect to.

The "unsaved changes" icon is not the same thing as a confirm delete option. In fact it requires that I log out and in again in order to restore the deleted wireless network on the LuCI wireless overview webpage.

EA8300 and C7 running v19-22 have all demonstrated this behavior. I understand the radio or VAP takes time to set up but it would be nice if LuCI could hide that from the end user instead of giving the "applying configuration changes 90sec" countdown.


I think every WRT based plastic "older" router has this VAP disable/enable 10 second toggle time - even with the factory software whereby the entire web page interface becomes disabled to notify you that the wireless network is being enabled or disabled.

Just a friendly suggestion! :smiley:


No it doesn't, just hit "Revert". I really think we're referring to different versions or different situations now.

Perhaps you should make a thread for this issue you're experiencing and describe the issue in detail.

The 90 second countdown is something else entirely (i.e. the countdown is after you already confirmed a change). It really seem like you're editing the same interface you're connected to hence causing a dropped connection. If so, that's expected behaviorfor any network device.

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Hey thanks I didn't know you could hit the "unsaved changes" icon.

This is pretty widely known and understood I thought? Does it work faster on x86_64 with dumb APs or newer radios?

No I am accessing via ethernet port.

Maybe you are right but I thought I was just making a friendly feature request?

  1. Confirm delete on wireless networks overview page in LuCI.
  2. Make VAP disable/enable 10 sec toggle time transparent to the web page functionality in LuCI wireless overview.


I don't think most people would care because they aren't trying to toggle 12 VAP on a 4 node mesh network which takes almost 120 seconds for something that should only take 10 seconds. The same behavior is also demonstrated on a directly connected router - its not due to mesh lag. Most home routers use WRT - they all do this.

To be fair I would expect newer generation radios and protocols will try to address these issues but it will be challenging as the protocols evolve into wifi7. In the meantime hopefully VAP toggling can be made transparent to the end use web page functionality. :partying_face:

Have you ever accidentally deleted anything?

Of course I have, that is why you supposed to have backups on the working systems.


Sure have. Lesson learned. What goes into the blackhole never comes back.

You should have learned as well by now.


It's okay. It was just that one time. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (10 char minimum)

Blaming end users for a badly designed GUI still doesn't fix the problem does it amigos? But then again I am just thankful that at least I don't have to use CLI or vim all the time. Hopefully one of these brave keyboard warriors redesigns this

thing eventually. Muchos gracias senors!


I much rather see setting change tracking/ history or log so one could revert changes made previously or at least look at them.

Being able to track and revert said changes I think is good idea.

One could revert to a particular change based on day week or time in history or even revert specific changes (pick).

There isn’t many “me too” posts in this tread.
But if only one user out of all user have a problem, is it the user or the system that is to blame?

But you also want to live on the edge when using OpenWrt, the user opportunities as great but they come with a cost of more or less easy to use systems.


Based on the responses, I’d say that statement is more subjective than substantive.

Frankly, I always use an alias that just does a cp $1 $1.bak and then calls vi/vim $1 to edit any configurations I modify/create. I like to understand anything I do on my network. That’s my subjective opinion, and it works extremely well for me.

Don’t get me wrong, the GUI is a very nice, informative dashboard and everything I do in CLI is reflected in LuCI on a refresh, but when it comes to


I’ll continue to rely on vi/CLI

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