Configuring VLANs on Netgear WAC124


I am trying to configure VLANs on a Netgear WAC124, using the OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r14736-6a56a6eb30 image, without success.

I am a long time user of OpenWRT and LEDE on several devices but this is a brand new Netgear WAC124. I have it working as an access point, but I want to connect it into my VLAN trunk. My previous VLAN use was with older releases, using swconfig but that is not an option with the WAC124 as the only kernel available uses DSA.

I have read the kernel documentation and am ready to experiment with DSA. However, the currently available WAC124 image seems to include an old version of /sbin/ip which does not even recognize parameters like "vlan_filtering" in the "ip link" command so I can't setup the DSA configuration.

Is this correct, or have I misunderstood something? Does anyone have a newer WAC124 image or an opkg based on a recent iproute2?

In case anyone wants to give me some hints, the setup I am trying to create is fairly simple... I want the WAN port to be connected to an existing trunk which carries no untagged traffic but several tagged VLANs. One of those (let's say VLAN ID 111) should be bridged with the WiFi interfaces and the LAN interfaces (all untagged). A second VLAN on the trunk (say ID 222) provides the management connection to the device and should connect to the CPU. I do not want to route or bridge between the two domains.

By default, only busybox' implementation of ip is included, but opkg will offer you ip-full (iproute2) to install.

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Thanks. I must have managed to do my "opkg update" yesterday when the packages were being reloaded. I thought it was weird that I could only see about 30 available packages!

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