Configuring two lan ports

Hello all, To start with i am very noob here so please bare with me :/, I

need help configuring 2 lan ports in my router,

Yesterday, i installed openwrt on my Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition router and configured static ip on Wan which was provided to me by my isp and it worked, I want my 2 router ports to work independently, like it used to before installing openwrt,so please if any one can help me....

Your lan ports should show up in devices; the next tab to the right.

what to do to make these ports separate? btw 1 have 3 ports(1 wan ,2 lan) but here 5 ports are mentioned :confused: ....please enlighten me ,am very noob

Explain "independently"

Do you want them to be on two different subnets/ip addresses?

i want to install sqm for my pc which is in 1st port and not for other router which is connect in my 2nd lan is it clear :confused:

But it is not a noob level configuration but now that your intent is clear someone may feel confident enough to chat you through it.

Sorry, but that makes no sense... First, you must configure SQM on the external interface (WAN), that is common to both networks. And second, if only part of the traffic is controlled by SQM, then it becomes useless.