Configuring TP-Link router as modem and BeagleBoneGreen as OpenWrt router

I want to use my TP-Link Ar1600v as a modem and have configured it in bridge mode as the internet provider has a telephone like connector and the BBG only has an ethernet port.

The TP-Link device's admin IP address is
Now, I have am running OpenWrt on BBG green which is also listening at the same IP address, so I have to change it to a different IP addr or subnet at least.
Is there a simple guide on how to configure the OpenWrt router and also the bridged router acting as a modem?


Once your modem is in bridge mode it shouldn't interfere with the OpenWRT installation's default IP address on the BBG.

Check your TP-Link's owner's manual for full instructions on how to bridge. This article may help.

You will also need to know what VLAN Id is required for your ISP. This may be managed in the OpenWRT version for the BBG based on what I've been able to find about the VR1600v. (You cite it as AR1600v but I couldn't find any info on that model).

The OpenWRT documentation was all I needed to get my new to me install up and running on different hardware.