Configuring the router to have two WANs and two networks


I would like to create my own network, but I am new to openwrt and everything I do is wrong and nothing works, so please provide detailed instructions :slight_smile:

At the beginning, I would like the router to have two Internet sources. One is wan and the other is usb0 (smartphone hotspot via USB). If the main (wan) stops providing internet, the router should switch to USB0.

Then, I would like to create two separate networks that will use the same connection as described above and have WiFi. I would also like (if possible because I'm not sure) to be able to access selected devices from network 2 from network 1.

If I've thought of things that are impossible, I'm sorry but I don't know much about openwrt

Everything you mentioned here seems doable, and I bet there are several posts in this forum, about situations very similar to yours.

If you need to have two internal networks, the "guest network" guides are a good starting point. If you have several external networks, "mwan3" is the package you need.

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Hi, I'm trying to configure mwan3, but I don't understand anything from the docs/tutorials and nothing works. I want to have two internet sources (wan and usb0) configured with failover policies, so if the WAN goes down, usb0 will start sharing the internet. I would also like to ask for information on how to configure the "LAN" network (main network) and the IoT network (network for smart devices) to download the Internet from the appropriate source because I can't find it either or I don't understand it.