Configuring the kernel from package makefiles

I'm using an OpenWrt 18.06.5 buildroot (under Ubuntu 20.04) and writing a package makefile (not a kernel package) for something that should have the kernel framebuffer enabled, but the framebuffer console off. According to the documentation, I can turn on/off OpenWrt config options with say:




I had thought maybe this extends to kernel config options too, eg.


However, adding this to my define Package/mypackage stanza does not actually select the option in the kernel, either when viewed via make kernel_menuconfig or in the resulting rebuilt image. I have tried rebuilding from scratch, but usually I just do:

scripts/feeds install mypackage
make target/linux/compile
make package/mypackage/compile

Is it possible to switch kernel options on and off from a non-kernel package makefile? If so, what's the syntax?