Configuring OpenWrt as internal network using 10.x.x.x subnet

I have a router for my house to connect to the Internet. I purchased a new TP-Link AC1750 Archer A7v5 router to create an independent network inside my main network using a different subnet (10.x.x.x) I have OpenWRT installed with the WAN configured via DHCP from my main router, but when I try and change the IP range for LAN from to (with accompanying netmask), the change will not take and is rolled back.
Can someone please help me understand the configuration I need to accomplish my goal?
External/Primary network - 192.168.1.x
Internal WRT ArcherA7v5 router network - 10.1.1.x
The 'Device' under Interfaces -> LAN is currently BR-LAN (Bridged)
Any and all help is greatly appreciated. My grasp of terminology is less than ideal, so if this is something I could have googled easily enough, I apologize, I am still figuring stuff out.

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Ahah. Testing now. Thank you!
I had thought it was odd; the config is pretty straightforward, but the warning is pretty intimidating.
I'll post the outcome in a few minutes.
Thank you Psherman. 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
Couldn't resist.

Solved. Thank you PSherman!

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