Configuring my Router ports for standard home use

Hello everyone..
I am new to OpenWRT. (and networking in General!)
I have configured an Asus RT-N56U router with OpenWRT because I wish to monitor traffic per device in my home. (I eventually plan to use YAMon3)
I have 3 LAN connections I would like to set up . On my old Telus router I just plugged them in to any of the 4 ports on the back of the router and they seemed to work find out of the box. However, in OpenWRT, i see some configuration files under networking/switches and I do not know how to set them up. My 3 LAN's are, 1 to my Desktop PC, 1 that runs to a hub servicing my FireTV and my PS3. One that runs out to a hub in my garage and is connected to a PC running Christmas lights and also to my Alarm system. Can anyone tell me how I would set up OpenWRT for these connections?
Thanks for your help

By default all ports except WAN are connected to the br-lan bridge so they all share the same network, just plug stuff in. Only if you want to isolate some devices from others do you need to make changes


OK, thanks. I was a little afraid to just plug them in. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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One last question. I notced under Networking/Switches these is a box that is checked that say's "Enable VLAN functionality"
Should I uncheck this box?

No, leave it checked.

All 5 Ethernet ports on the back go into the same switch chip. VLANs are needed and used within the chip to make one Ethernet port work as a WAN port and the other four as LAN ports, like the stock firmware does.

Stock firmware sets the chip up the same way, only it doesn't show you that is what it did or allow you to change it.


OK. Thanks. Nice to have people who understand these things!:grinning:

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