Configuring lan and wan on OpenWrt (tplink archer c20)

So i have a private static ip from my isp and i am totally new to openwrt so kindly forgive me if i say something wrong , so i want to configure my wan and lan as i installed openwrt on my router. I wachted couple videos but that doesnt work for me . Please help me with this , anyone can assit me on discord by me sharing my screen , thankyou in advance

Change the wan interface on the router from DHCP to static, enter the info provided by the ISP, save and apply.

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i did that entered the static ip , subnet , gateway , their dns then also its not working , i m confused about the ports eth0, vlan (wan,wan6)

Then you need to specify what's not working.

The IPS IP isn't by any chance in the 192.168.1 subnet ?

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no it has

That's the subnet mask, not the same thing.

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ip starts with 172.22.109

Ok, then post the screen shot of your wan interface configuration in openwrt.

Mask the IP in the same way.

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can i talk to u personally sir if u dont mind ?insta or discord or fb anywhere?

This is a RFC1918 IP address. No need to hide or obscure.

That network addesss would be 172.22.109.x/25 in CIDR notation.

Where x == 0 or 128

brother can u show me ill share my screen please assist me ?

Show what?

What are you having an issue with?



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