Configuring IPTV on Seperate ATM Bridge

I am trying to configure a second ATM bridge to receive IPTV multicast.


Model : Netgear DGN3500
Firmware Version : LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 r3560-79f57e422d / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-17.290.79498-d3f0685)

The PPPoE ATM bridge is setup and working on VPI/VCI 8/35 for the Internet Connection.

The instructions from the ISP to setup IPTV are:

Connection Type = Bridged
VPI / VCI = 0/35
Encapsulation/Multiplex = LLC
Atm/Qos = UBR
PVC = enabled
IGMP Snooping = enabled
IGMP Proxy = enabled
IGMP Filtering Multicast = enabled

The topics I read on forum only talked about VLAN which was confusing for setting up router/dsl modem

Any suggestion please.

Silly question, IPTV over ADSL, is that really a thing? What kind of bandwidth do you get?

I'm close to the exchange so 90% of ADSL2+ max.

Status: UP
Line State: showtime_tc_sync [0x801]
Line Mode: G.992.5 (ADSL2+)
Annex: A
Data Rate: 18.922 Mb/s / 1.020 Mb/s
Max. Attainable Data Rate (ATTNDR): 19.164 Mb/s / 1.212 Mb/s
Latency: 7.0 ms / 1.25 ms
Line Attenuation (LATN): 17.1 dB / 9.1 dB
Signal Attenuation (SATN): 16.4 dB / 9.8 dB
Noise Margin (SNR): 6.4 dB / 12.6 dB
Aggregate Transmit Power(ACTATP): 16.3 dB / 12.1 dB

Thanks, still amazed that this is a real product...
Unfortunately, I have no real help to offer on your issue.

Best Regards

@moeller0 seems like Netflix here in the US uses around 6Mbps for an HD stream so I guess 18Mbps is enough for at least 2 HD streams as long as you're basically just doing streaming on the connection. The biggest issue is probably latency, jitter, and packet loss as I guess this is basically LIVE rather than something you can buffer up like Netflix?

@mbo2o do you have some kind of more specific question? Do you have one box here that's both a DSL modem and a router running LEDE or do you have one DSL modem box and then a router plugged into it?

What behavior do you see with your current setup? Can you wireshark packets and see any kind of IGMP anything?

What device do you use to receive this IPTV? Is it an application running on a PC or some kind of smart TV hardware or a streaming media box like a Roku or what?


My previous setup was a Stock OEM TP-Link W8960N modem/router + PC running VLC Media Player. The IPTV is only SD (not HD) and yes it is live streaming.

Current Setup

All that has changed is the modem/router (yes, one box). It is now a Netgear DGN3500 and LEDE 17.01.4 (LEDE-DGN3500)

I have managed to setup the LEDE-DGN3500 for standard internet use, it is currently in use and working well.
I am able to define a second ATM bridge with VPI/VCI 0/35


But I get confused with setting up the WAN, do I add this to the existing WAN interface and how, or do I need to create a second WAN interface. Am I missing any other steps.

I am not sure what "network.cfg0e24e1.unit=0" means so I have left the default value.

Found this in the Openwrt Wiki

A typical bridge section looks like this:
config atm-bridge
option unit '0'
option vpi '8'
option vci '35'

Unit 0 will let br2684ctl create a nas0 pseudo device
VPI 8 and VCI 35 specifies the circuit to bridge. Those values are ISP dependant.

Looks like I need to set unit to 1 to create nas1 pseudo device.

Made the change, however a reboot is needed after applying to make the new device visible.

root@LEDE-DGN3500:~# uci show network | grep -i atm

Now adding new IPTV interface


Does this look correct