Configuring gerbera

Very surprised to see that no one here is using gerbera

So, I suppose I cannot ask for help.

It's manpage over here says this,
$ gerbera --create-config | sudo tee /etc/gerbera/config.xml
but the file will not create 'sudo not found'
I installed sudo, it created the file, but shows only on Terminal. Will not show up in /etc/gerbera
Thanks for your help.

You do not need "sudo" in OpenWrt, because you always run as the "root" user. Try again, but remove any occurrence if "sudo".

Also, check that the "/etc/berbera" directory exists.

It does not exist, but as I understand it, running this command should create/produce it, but it does not.

Any other ideas, please?

mkdir ~/.config/gerbera
sudo chown gerbera:gerbera gerbera

$ gerbera --create-config tee /etc/gerbera/config.xml