Configuring connection between two routers with VPN

I have two routers that are connected with zerotier.
I can ping from Laptop2 to Router2 and Laptop1. What I cannot do is ping Device1. So the Device1 seems to be blocking traffic that doesn't come from its own subnet.

I cannot configure Device1 to accept traffic from other subnet.
Is it possible to somehow translate the traffic that comes from Laptop2 that the Device1 sees that the traffic is coming from it's own subnet?

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# Router2
uci set firewall.@zone[0].masq="1"
uci add_list firewall.@zone[0].masq_dest=""
uci commit firewall
/etc/init.d/firewall restart

Sorry, do not know about zerotier. But from common consideration it is not possible, because traffic from Laptop2 is masqueraded by Router1, and information about private IP is no longer available.

vgaetera solution works like charm. Thank you!

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