Configuring an Access Point to get it working

I have installed OpenWrt (actually FriendlyWrt) on a device based on Rockchip RK3399. I need to configure this device so that it can act as an Access Point to a PC. I am not sure what commands I need to use to enable this configuration.

Currently, through my PC’s network settings, I can see the FriendlyWrt Access Point, but the connection is not successful. The failure message says: "Wi-Fi has itself assigned an IP address of and is unable to connect to the Internet"

I have gone through many tutorials about setting up OpenWrt for routers, but all of them proceed by opening the router’s home page at the browser address (or some other internal IP address). However, my FriendlyWrt installation on the Rockchip RK3399 doesn’t have a homepage at this IP address.

Will be grateful for any help! Thanks in advance!
NB: Although the installation is FriendlyWrt (which is based on an OpenWrt distribution), I hope it is ok to post it on this forum. I noticed this forum is much more active.

check your own network, nobody here, nor at friendlywrt will be able to tell you the IP of your own device.

A peice of advice would however be to isolate a client and the AP to be, just the two of them, on a separate network.

this is the way to do it in openwrt -

In addition, 99% (my guestimate) of all wifi equipment has Openwrt as the base for their devices' FW, you could just as well ask Linksys or TP-Link about your issue, at least in theory :wink:

or switch to openwrt, if possible :wink:

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The dumb AP, in its purest (dumbest) form, has only one network-- the lan which is already there by default.

First you would make the AP a wired device on your LAN by giving it an IP address in the range of your main router and turning off OpenWrt's DHCP server.

Since the lan is a bridge you can then add a wifi AP to the lan bridge. When a client connects to the AP they are connected to the main router at layer 2 so they can obtain a DHCP address from it. OpenWrt really isn't involved in the AP user's connection other than as a wifi to wired converter.

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