Configuring Adguard Home on Velop WHW01

I have velop WHW01 where I have installed openwrt. This router has two ethernet devices. One of them is connected to the main internet modem. I had to configure the IP address on the lan interface manually to get the interface up although my main modem has DHCP so i don't know why it did not pick it up.

Now any clients to connect to openwrt, they are being assigned an ip address from the main internet modem and not from the openwrt.

I have installed and configured adguard home on openwrt, but I don't see my clients adhere to what it is being blocked on adguard home, because of the fact their default gateway is set to the main internet modem IP and not to the openwrt IP.

So how can i enabled DHCP on the openwrt and make sure the clients have their default gateway set to openwrt IP address.

btw, i had to disable dnsmasq service to get the adguard home configured proberly.

Appreciate any help on this.

Default GW isn't the issue, but the fact the main routers DHCP doesn't use the WHW01s IP for DNS server when it provides the clients with IPs.

Solution depends on what settings the main router will let to do for the DHCP.

The thing is that the main router is provided by the internet provider and i have no access to it at all. I have it at home tho, but i don't have its credentials and the ISP do not provide it unfortunately

then you'll have to double NAT, unless the ISPs device can be set to bridge mode.

double NAT in the sense?
can't i just enabled DHCP on openwrt, so that when devices connects to the wireless they get assigned an IP address from my openwrt?

no, because it'll clash with the already existing DHCP from the main router.
the double NAT would however solve this.

Thank you! Let me give it a try