Configuring 802.1ad (aka Q-in-Q) vlans on Atheros AR9344 rev 2

I have standard firmware on my TL-WDR3600/4300/4310 chinas router with with trunk 4.4.83 kernel and vlan support.

I need to configure this scheme:
1st port - vlan id 10 (tagged or untagged is doesn't matter) with Q-in-Q (with tunneling 3,5,7 vlans )
2nd port - vlan id 7 untagged
3rd port - vlan id 3 untagged
4th port - vlan id 5 untagged

Wifi, WAN and WAN6 is doesn't matter for this routing scheme.

My router has only one physical interface - eth0 and as far as I remember my hardware supports only 1-127 vlan id's

I've read a lot about 802.1ad and 802.1q type vlans in LEDE. Also I've tested different cooking methods ( without success.

Maybe someone can provide for me working configuration or further reading to assemble such a routing scheme.

Thank you in advance.

I've investigated than standard lede image x86, which I'm using for tests in VM, doesn't has busybox 8021Q support. I'm trying to rebuild a new custom image. Hope this'll help me.


The thing was because of standard LEDE builroot uses old busybox-1.26.2.
After I changed version in config to busybox-1.27.2 (latest stable) IP commands for 802.1ad and 802.1q vlans works fine for me.

in a few days I'll report about my tests of LEDE 802.1ad / 802.1q software encapsulation.