Configuring 2 subnets/VLANs with 1 router + Bonjour gateway

Hello all! This is my first time working with OpenWRT and wanted to to reach out to the forum to see if anyone can help. I have been surfing google and youtube to find the right way to setup my router but I am no expert when it comes to anything related to networking.

I have a TP-Link Archer C7 v2 and nothing else. What I want to do is:

  • Create 2 subnets or VLANs, for example, VLAN3 for Sales department on floor 3 and VLAN4 for Marketing department on floor 4.
  • Allow devices in VLAN3 to ping VLAN4 and vice versa
  • Connect an AppleTV, or any AirPlay receiver, to VLAN3 and allow iOS/macOS devices in VLAN 4 to be able to discover the AppleTV via the use of Bonjour gateway in OpenWRT

My process so far has been to assign LAN 1, 2 to be VLAN3 and LAN 3, 4 to be VLAN4.
I have got to this point but cannot get devices in VLAN3 cannot ping VLAN4 and vice versa. This is the first huddle I ran into.

As for Bonjour, I saw this post here and followed the steps under avahi:
opkg update
opkg install avahi-daemon-service-ssh avahi-daemon-service-http

I see a lot of these posts contain the configuration attached but I am not sure what command I need to send to see the config. I've tried show config/configuration. Let me know what command I should use and I can attach everything here.

Easily possible.

This doesn't make much sense from a policy point of view, but it's easily possible.

This is a little more complex, as bon-jour, zeroconf/ mDNS are inherently single subnet/ broadcast domain, as they depend on multicast traffic to work. There are proxy/ reflector options making this (partially) possible nevertheless, but this isn't really trivial.


Ping and other level 3 access is decided by the (default-) inter-zone routing in the firewall configuration.

I have seen that some universities leverage the zeroconf/mDNS gateway feature that may be within the enterprise grade wireless LAN controller to allow Apple devices to discover AirPlay receivers outside of the Apple devices' local subnet. I am trying to recreate this environment with OpenWrt.

Any suggestions on what settings to look for or where to configure the proxy/reflector options? I have only installed avahi daemon but do I also need umdns and mdnsresponder?

Pretty sure you can achieve this by installing "avahi--dbus-daemon" and then configuring the avahi config file in /etc/avahi or maybe /etc/config/avahi.

Also worth installing avahi-utils which may help troubleshooting.