Configureing SoftEtherVPN Server


I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while and found some very useful replies, thanks, but now I have a problem that I hope some kind soul might help with.

I’m running OpenWRT 22.03.5 on a BT Home Hub, which is working fine. I now want to install the SoftEtherVPN Server so I can access my local network when I’m away from home. I have been using SoftEther for a few years and have the client on my laptop to connect to SoftEther servers on various sites.

I have installed the SoftEtherVPN server software on OpenWRT, version 4.38-9760-2. I can access it from within my local network using the SoftEtherVPN server manager, but cannot conect remotely with the client.

I suspect I have missed something relating to Interfaces, Devices or Firewall, but not sure where.

Has anyone else got this working who would be willing to share their config, or the steps they took to configure it on 22.03?