Configure Wireguard in LuCI (Snapshot)

I have an Archer C60 v1 to which I installed OpenWrt snapshots ath79. The problem is that I want to enter an IP in the configuration and it does not apply. Also in "Allowed IPs". Other data such as public and private keys, port, peer description, Persistent Keep Alive yes.

  • Snapshots do not have LuCI installed, did you install it?
  • If so, what version of LuCI is installed?
  • What version of OpenWrt snapshot is installed?

Yes, I installed LuCi and the problem comes from there. I installed the snapshot today. It also happened several times before. I mean, whenever I want to configure a VPN with Wireguard in LuCI. It also happens in x86 that I wanted to try.

It was surely a LuCI bug so I close this as it works as expected on snapshots.

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