Configure wifi station with 4G access SOLVED

So here is my problem,
I want to configure a teltonika rut950 in wifi station mode and have remote access via built in LTE modem.
It is kind of a special purpose "box" to solve a problem were I need to have remote access to a wifi network.
Best solution should be to configure the network/AP to connect thru my device in a bridged mode or something BUT i don´t have access to configure that for different reasons.

The problem is that i can´t have the device in station mode and connect to cellular att the same time.
Is this even possible? if so how should i do it?

You can allow the WAN access if your modem is public IP,and then configure the device to station mode

Out of the box you cant have wifi station mode and Mobile wireless activated at the same time.
If I activate wifi STM and mobile wireless in the conf files I can connect to both mobile and wifi BUT I think there is some conflict of ip or something.

Maybe I have to make different WAN-zones or something.

Yes you can; but your client connection to the hotspot has to come online first.

Then the AP can know what channel to use and enable itself.

Consider using Travelmate if you don't like this behavior.

As stated I had to do it in the correct order. SOLVED.

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Glad you got it working!

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