Configure VPN for transmission on the router

Is it possible to configure transmission to use only the VPN interface (mullvad)? I don't want other devices to use the VPN; just the transmission.

Yes, it is.

Could you help with a brief tutorial? I looked here on the forum, but I couldn't find it.

Alternatively, if you can tag the transmission traffic with dscp tag, the pbr package supports that.

My plan would be the following - setup a vpn quest network (search the wiki for it) and forward all traffic to the vpn for it.
Then bind transmission to this vpn-guest router ip.
Bonus - guest vpn wifi :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I'll check out the tutorial.

Could you send me a link that teaches this configuration? I confess that my knowledge of networks is somewhat limited.

Unfortunately I didn't find the VPN Quest tutorial, just some articles about OpenVPN.

Please help me understand your thinking: the broadcast is installed in the router itself. How can I make only Transmission use the VPN network interface and connected users not?
Guest not quest - sorry typo

option bind_address_ipv4 ''
        option bind_address_ipv6 '::'

Replace these with your guest private address.

Then used the (now deprecated) vpn-policy-routing (but you can use pbr) for source address of the guest network.

or if the setup above is too complex for your needs you can just create a secondary lan interface see Correct way to have 2 IP addresses on a given interface - #2 by golialive
and setup transmission to use it (link above) and pbr to route it over the vpn