Configure VLAN in 21.02.1


I have a MT7621 device (Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition) that want to upgrade to last version. I use it as AP and configure some VLAN.

This what I have and want to configure in the new version:

Actually I have configured this way in 19.07.4:

The problem is that now there is no "Switch" option in Luci, there is a "device" section in the Interface option instead:

How could I configure the new 10 and 30 VLAN and assign then to different ports (tagged and untagged)?

I will appreciate your help.

Kind regards.

devices tab, configure the br-lan, look at the last tab


Thanks for the reply @jaromanda.

But I don't understand how to configure it.

I add both VLAN in the br-lan configuration:

Need I select the new VLAN in the bridge port configuration?

What about the WAN interface? I have no way to configure both VLAN:


You will have to add the wan port to the existing bridge in order to see it in the Bridge VLAN Filtering menu.


Take a look at this guide:


I got it! I didn't try yet the tagged interfaces, but hop it will work.

I configure this way:

One question, the "Ethernet Switch" device apply for all 3 ports? Could I select this device instead of 3 ports?

Kind regards.

No, you must select each individual port.

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