Configure TL-WN823N V3

According to this list of compatible wifi adapters is should work (maybe not V3 though).

Using kmod-rtl8xxxu the adapter shows up in Network -> Wireless list and can be configured, but it not able keep a stable client connection. It's constantly reconnecting.

Checking with dmesg | grep usbcore I installed all the different kmod-rtl8192-xx versions and only rtl8192cu-firmware shows up in the list.

Grepping then for the firmware directly dmesg | grep rtl8192cu does not show that a driver was loaded. The usbcore entry usbcore: registered new interface driver rtl8192cu is the only output.

The device also doesn't show up in Network -> Wireless.

What can I try?

A different adapter?

That list have nothing to do with openwrt.

If you want something that just works, have a look at

That list maybe doesn't but drivers in general do.