Configure static ip on wireless. (wavlink wl-wn570ha1)

No wireless options shows up in Luci interface to configure static ip for wifi interface.
What am I missing? Is there an app to install for that?
Can it be done through the uci command? I can't find any related info for this one.
Can someone help?

Check the network / interfaces tab and find out, where the wlan interfaces are bridged.
The IP address is applied to the bridge. If you change the IP, this will apply to the management, too.
You can also create a new bridge, assign an IP to it and move the WLAN interfaces to the new bridge. That's depending to your needs :slight_smile:


Thanks. openwrt is new to me. I allways use Centos and I see that allot of things are changed in this OS.
Your answer is logical. When a bridge is installed we can add the interface that we want to it.
Openwrt is showing its config in its own way but the results are the same at the end.


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