Configure repeater Xiaomi 4C


I have just installed OpenWRT 21.02.0-rc2 on my Xiaomi router 4C.
I have a tplink router and would to extend the wifi of this tplink.

I have use the tutorial for wifi extender/repeater but not works...

Is there something special to do ?

I have the master wifi OpenWRT, the client one, make interface with relayd, but in associated noone with this "?"

Someone Can help me ?

I Can make screenshots but which ones ?

This article may contain network configuration that is version dependent post 2021-06

ifname@interface has been moved to device and device sections
while legacy ifname syntax may work on 21.02 or recent master it is recommended that you migrate to device usage

This is not ok for mine ?

Cause I would like to connect the OpenWRT router by wifi on the tplink one which is LAN connected to have internet access.
And finally have the same SSID on the OpenWRT one which is redirecting on the tplink router which have all access configured for each equipment.

What do you want to achieve? Your manual is how create additional network after router. I gave you manual, how to extend existing wireless network. Your manual is 4 years old (it is about LEDE), please, use updated one.

Heure what i would like to do :

Internet box ===LAN==> TpLink Router ===Wifi==> OpenWRT Router ===Wifi==> equipments

My tplink router is adressing equipment like 192.168.31.xx and I would like that the SSID of OpenWRT router is the same than the tplink one, and adressing equipments like 192.168.31.xx also

Excuse me for my poor English, I don't know if I'm really clear on my explanations...

the guide is correct:

channel = auto (mode client, mode master)

did you installed luci-proto-relay?


Ok but not working for me...

I will reset the router and try again perhaps...

Don't know what to do

I have reseted the router and try again but not better...
I have the right visual i think but not internet...

I Can connect the wifi master of the router but it seems to not connected to the tplink one...

In the tplink interface i can't find the OpenWRT one connected by wifi...

I have reseted it another time to try WDS package but it's not in the list to install...

Somebody could help me before going to trash ?


Not all radios/drivers are capable of doing wifi client and master at the same time, this might be one of those cases....

Yes but this one Can Do it
See my first post

Try by connecting to the 4C by wire, to see if the wireless bridge works.

If it does, try enabling the wifi again.

When i'm connecting to the master wifi named OpenWRT i haven't internet access...

Then verify on you primary router that the 4c is still connected, while you're connected to the 4cs wifi.

Yes it is well connected i Can Access it by it's IP adress when connected by wifi on the first router

Attempt to connect to the 4cs wifi using another client device at the same time.

See if the primary wifi connection stays up, while doing so.

I have well connected 2 devices to the OpenWRT master wifi without problems but without internet access also....

That wasn't what you were told to do/test.

I don't understand what to do... Sorry i'm french and not easy for me to well understand

Have you tried to set IP,MASK manually on client device?