Configure OpenWrt to another OpenWrt router (home-office) as an OpenVpn client


Do you guys how to configure OpenWrt as an OpenVpn client?
I try to connect to my home router via from the office router with OpenVpn, is that possible?
Or how would I do it or you recommend? I already have at home a OpenVpn server which works as Android or Windows/Linux, but I want to have a permanent VPN connection.

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much, do you guys it says I should use username and password, but it looks like I only need a password, or is it already in the openvpn file includes the username?

Usually you need to use auth-user-pass for commercial services only.
You can ignore it, when connect to your own server.

thanks so much!

How are you?
I connected but in Luci it says:
Error: Network device is not present

Though I used the same step and not working. Anyone?

Sorrry, i think i got it, thanks

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