Configure OpenWrt Question (Newbie)

I have a cell modem which does not have WIFI capabilities (Sierra Wireless RV50). The RV50 is connected to a Netgear network switch and this provides internet access to components (computers, TV, etc..) which are wired to the switch. My goal is to provide WIFI access to the internet using my OpenWrt router. I connected the OpenWrt router to the switch and configured the OpenWrt router SSID and security settings and left the mode as Access Point. I can now connect to the OpenWrt router wirelessly but the internet access is not available. Can anyone help me here?

Thank you

If the RV50 offers settings with DHCP, then OpenWrt works out of the box. Connect the WAN port of OpenWrt to the RV50 and the LAN port on the switch. Enable wireless and set SSID and wpa2 key.
The other option would be to configure OpenWrt to be a dumbAP and let RV50 manage the DHCP and DNS.

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