Configure openvswitch and openwrt with internet

Hello, I have a problem for days. My settings are below.
| eth0
------------------------------ ---------- eth0.2 ------------------------- --------------------------
| AP with openwrt and openvswit | ----------- | SWITCH NORMAL| ----| Internet and DHCP |
---------------------------------------- ------------------------ -------------------------

Controller SDN

I can not get the server connected to the AP to access the internet through the AP.

It actually works, if the eth0.2 interface is not assigned to openvswitch, when I do this I lose connectivity.

I clean the ip of it, and statically assign the ip on br0 (my bridge). But it does not work. I tried to use udhcp br0, however it does not handle ip. I do not know what else to do to properly configure openwrt and openvswitch and get internet access on the server. I also can not connect to the internet through the AP, but I can connect to the controller.

I do not know what else to do.

can you show me how you connect it to controller? please ?
i have same as your issue