Configure Lantiq DSL firmware (bitswap enabled?)

I'm trying to get my VDSL2 connection up to speed. Right now, I'm getting only 20/2Mbps, where I should be getting 30/3Mbps. I've tried different lantiq DSL firmwares, but that did not make a difference. Actually, I'm using the exact same firmware as on the stock firmware from my provider, but I'm still not getting the same speeds.

Now, I'm thinking that maybe some options are not set correctly when initializing the lantiq VR9 firmware .bin? For example, when I look into my provider's stock firmware, it says that bitswap is enabled. Is bitswap enabled in the LEDE firmware? I don't see an option for it?

Are there any more 'hidden' options to be enabled in the source, than can be seen in the LuCI GUI? The GUI options don't seem to make a difference, other than making the connection either completely work or not.

What modem/router are you using ? are you using the same modem/router with your isp firmware and Lede ?

Yes, I'm using a Zyxel P-2812HNU-F1 modem/router for LEDE, and it's exactly the same as I got from my ISP.

did you use this hack to get the original dsl driver from your ISP ?

Yes, I did get root to get the original DSL driver.