Configure IPv6 WAN LAN locally without ISP

I need to build a multicast application in IPv6.
Now I want to know how to assign IPv6 addresses to the WAN and LAN interfaces in Openwrt Luci.
The WAN will then be connected to a NAS (it has no internet connection) for streaming videos and receiving it on the LAN side. It already works in IPv4 and I want to know if its possible in IPv6 too with Luci. Its all locally without ISP.
Please help.

An out of the box base install will do this already with ULA addresses, except it won't assign one to the WAN, I suggest creating a new interface TESTWAN and set the physical interface to your wan port and tell it to assign a /64 which in Luci is done with the ipv6 assignment length box.

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thank you very much, i'll try that

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I got an IPv6 on LAN.
On the TestWAN nothing happens. also changes won't apply and it always performs a rollback.
Also where is the MLD Snooping function ? Can only find one for IGMP

OK got it to work, thanks again :wink:


If you can post a screenshot of the working config and Mark it solved that would be helpful for others with similar questions. Thanks